Kami’s Story

When I was little I used to have the thinnest hair possible, and every time I tried to put it up the hair tie would pull extremely hard on my hairline. I tried multiple brands but nothing really worked. As I grown up my hair tremendously thickened, causing me to have an even bigger problem. Trying to find a hair tie that wouldn’t snap and would be pull/snag free. That’s when I came across Hailey’s hair elastics. Hailey’s hair elastics was the and is still the longest lasting, snag free and snap free, hair tie/s I own. In my family, we have both super thick and thin hair and these hair ties work for both. In addition, I use them for all my activities: dance, soccer, and track. I use Hailey’s hair elastics every day, and definitely recommend it to anyone who was in the same predicament.

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