Colour Trends

Hi, my name is Jamie! I’m one of the newest reps/ambassador at haileyshairelastics, from Montreal! I love fashion, design, aesthetic and everything to do with that!

This year the color of the year is Coral! Like a very beach vibes color and just a color that literally goes with everything and anything! I personally love this color so much! It totally goes with my style!

Another color this year that’s very popular and just a classic, like how can you not love it! It’s blue! So basically this color goes with the winter and since I live in Canada I live in this freezing cold weather!
The blue just goes with it all! Snow and blue is just perfect together!

Haileyshairelastics is super special because they listen and follow the latest and coolest trends! Since Coral is the color of the year! They decided to make an elastic, THAT’S CORAL!!  They also have loads of different blues to match blue as one of the most popular colors this year!

The different ones I’m wearing in my hair are named Coral! Turquoise blue! Aruba the turquoise blue one mixed with a sparkly sliver! Not only are they fashionable! They’re also snag free! No pull! Plus very affordable, love them too much! Instagram: @haileyshairelastics_montreal !
Xx Jamie