A trip to Aruba

My name is Reese, aka @officialreesees on Instagram and @reesees on YouTube!

I’m here in Aruba (MY FAV PLACE… seriously I don’t wanna leave.) and having tons of fun! I’ve been staying at the Playa Linda for two weeks and just been chillin’.

From eating at amazing restaurants, going on long walks at the beach, chilling on the beach chairs, sleep ins, doing fun things like an Escape room, spending time with my fam… it couldn’t be better!!!

Won’t go too in depth… BUT! I’ve been filming the whole trip.. or as I call it “Vlogcation” on my YouTube channel! So go check it out! + there will also be a Video Montage on my instagram account @officialreesees + tons of posts!!! heres my Youtube link:

If you know me, I either have a hailey’s hair elastic in my hair or on my wrist. literally always.

And so OF COURSE… I HAD to bring them!! including the four on my wrist.. hehe.

Hailey’s hair elastics are snag free, sooo stylish and honestly when I have my hair in a ponytail it normally KILLS. But! When I wear Hailey’s elastics… somehow it doesn’t!!!

I kinda have a big collection of them.. so I couldn’t decide which to bring! In the end I thought… too many elastics?! NO SUCH THING. So I kinda brought 15+. Ooops.

Anyways… I hope everyone has an AMAZING rest of your break and I can’t wait to chat soon!

Xo, Reese.

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